Updates: On radio silence, PAXAus, GXAustralia, & more

Hello, all!

A few updates about life at A Place at the Tabletop:

  • First up, apologies for the radio silence! The major work project I have been working on went live recently and consumed my brain/life/soul in the process. Then I immediately jumped a plane to Byron Bay to go do acrobatics in the bush with no connectivity for a week to recover from that nonsense. I am back on the grid now and you can expect a return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.
  • Second, happy to announce A Place at the Tabletop will be hosting a panel at PAXAus!
    Geekological Diversity: Tabletop Edition – Saturday, 5 November at 2:00pm in Kookaburra Theatre
    We hear a lot about issues of diversity & representation in video gaming. But what about the tabletop side of geekdom? Don’t those nerds deserve to see themselves represented in their games too? So who’s doing this well? Who’s doing it badly? What does that even mean? Can you have good games that handle representation issues poorly? How do we engage with problematic games as conscientious gamers? Join a gamer, creator, blogger, & academic to explore these critical questions.

I’ll also be on another panel on the more general issue of how to create kickass nerd spaces that aren’t full of assholes:
Cultivating Safe & Inclusive Nerd Spaces –  Friday, 4 November  at 6:30pm in Kookaburra Theatre
So you’ve recognized our community has a problem with inclusivity & hasn’t always prioritized the safety/needs of people from different backgrounds. But enough about the problem–what are you going to do about it? It’s one thing to want safe, inclusive spaces. It’s another to make them happen. This panel is targeted at everyone who wants to take an active role in creating more diverse & inclusive nerd spaces. Come along to learn specific, practical, tested strategies for building such spaces.

Come say hi!

  • Also, remember when I said to watch this space to see what happened with getting drunk with one of the organisers of GXAustralia and offering to help grow the tabletop side of next year’s con? Well, it’s official!

    Be on lookout in the Kickstarter updates for a post from yours truly about all the awesome tabletop stuff we have planned for our second year. (Also, if you’re planning to attend and want to get involved volunteering, running games, or speaking on panels about tabletop issues, hit me up on Twitter!)

    And while we’re on the subject, if you care about queer representation and general inclusivity at cons (which I assume you do if you’re here!), you should definitely be throwing money at the GXAustralia Kickstarter. Back now for early-bird rates for a pass for yourself or someone else, or just throw in a few bucks in solidarity if you’re not going to be able to make it out. 9 days left!

Hope to see some of you at one of these cons!


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