At PAXAus!

Arrived in Melbourne for PAXAus! Come say hi!

I’m on a panel Friday evening and moderating one Saturday afternoon. Please come along!

Cultivating Safe & Inclusive Nerd Spaces –  Friday, 4 November  at 6:30pm in Kookaburra Theatre
So you’ve recognized our community has a problem with inclusivity & hasn’t always prioritized the safety/needs of people from different backgrounds. But enough about the problem–what are you going to do about it? It’s one thing to want safe, inclusive spaces. It’s another to make them happen. This panel is targeted at everyone who wants to take an active role in creating more diverse & inclusive nerd spaces. Come along to learn specific, practical, tested strategies for building such spaces.

Geekological Diversity: Tabletop Edition – Saturday, 5 November at 2:00pm in Kookaburra Theatre
We hear a lot about issues of diversity & representation in video gaming. But what about the tabletop side of geekdom? Don’t those nerds deserve to see themselves represented in their games too? So who’s doing this well? Who’s doing it badly? What does that even mean? Can you have good games that handle representation issues poorly? How do we engage with problematic games as conscientious gamers? Join a gamer, creator, blogger, & academic to explore these critical questions.

Otherwise, I’ll be attending a few panels, wandering the expo hall, tabletop gaming heaps, and chatting up people who might be interested in getting involved with the tabletop side of GXAustralia.

Twitter is the best way to get in touch if you’d like grab a drink or have a chat.

I’ll be rocking some awesome tights and also my amazing, amazing Pacman nails. #modesty

Nail art featuring Pacman, all four ghosts, teeny cherries, and the maze
Possibly my greatest accomplishment of all time.


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  1. Wish I were there, but I’m on the other side of the world. Be sure to have fun, and if anyone films the panels your on, please post the link, those sound interesting 🙂

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