Expansions!: Catan: Cities & Knights

For those of you unfamiliar, the Cities & Knights expansion to Settlers of Catan moves the players beyond the initial settlement of the new land and into the building and development of more established cities (along with the need to defend them). It’s actually a substantial expansion, easily doubling the depth and strategic complexity of the game.

Shows the commodities flipbook, metropolis, barbarian ship, commodity dice, knights, and city walls.
New components!

But does it make any developments on the representation front?


Well, native people still don’t exist, but as we’re moving out of initial colonisation and into the development of existing cities, thematically, this is slightly less of a problematic element than the original game. Slightly.

And we get another person of colour! There are 6 cards (of 47 depicting people) in the merchant deck that feature dark-skinned traders with camels, Middle Eastern dress, and lots of sand. 1 So that’s … something, at least.

There is a ‘Barbarian Ship’ that periodically attacks the settlers. While traditionally a negative, heavily racially coded word, in the game, it’s just a black ship and there’s no art of what the ‘barbarians’ look like. So we’re going to let this one slide.

It’s earned:

1 star


Interestingly, there are exactly the same number of cards depicting women in this expansion as there are in the base set (4), but there’s nearly double the number of cards depicting people, so the overall representation percentage falls dramatically. The cover art does include 3 women to 2 men, but that’s far outweighed by the fact that in this expansion each player gets 6 playable knights–all men.


1 star


Well, there’s no longer a little hetero family on the cover, but there are a few wedding cards that offer bonuses. There’s actually not a clear bride and groom in the art, so it’s a stretch, but if you wanted to use this card to get gifts to celebrate your same-sex wedding, technically nothing in the game is stopping you. That bumps us up a star, to the ‘nothing actively preventing you from getting your gay on within one very slim opportunity’’ category.

1 star


We do get a teeeeny bit more variety of bodies in this expansion. A few older people. A little more variation in shapes in heights. Not as much as I would like and still no people with disabilities, but it’s not ‘absolutely no variation from the single beauty mold’ like the base set, so:

1 star


Overall, some minor improvements in most categories. People who are not white men with the exact same conventionally attractive bodies exist at least, and there’s a very, very minor opportunity to queer the narrative. Still a long way to go, but significant improvements from the original and from the Settlers of America spin-off as well.

Race ★☆☆
Gender ★☆☆
Sexuality ★☆☆
Body ★☆☆
Overall Average 1.00



  1. How and why they brought camels over the ocean to this tiny island is neither here nor there.

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